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Video chad18

As part of the succession plan, chairman Paul Levy confirmed that Chad Crow, currently president and COO, will then assume the role of president and CEO.

“Today we are formally announcing the transition of Builders First Source leadership," said Levy.

He lives with his parents and six younger brothers and sisters in a humble home in one of the neighbourhoods of Moundou.

They all sleep in the same bedroom, and only a few thin mats separate them from the sandy ground. From time to time he sells vegetables and boiled eggs at the market, which brings in some extra income.

Nevertheless, he has a clear objective in life: to finish his education.

“I don’t know exactly what I want to be one day, but I want to make sure I can help my parents in the future,” says Ahmed.

Whereas the most numerous and spectacular natural arches in Chad are in the Ennedi region, arches can also be found in the Tibesti region.

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Over Chad’s 18 year tenure, he has been involved in all aspects of our operations, including serving as CFO for seven years and COO the past three years.

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