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The crowd attending then pay attention to the marked 'kiss cam' video screen.

Normally several consecutive couples are selected, and appear on the screen.

The kiss cam is a social game that takes place during arena, stadium and court sporting events in the United States and Canada.

It is intended as a light-hearted diversion to the main event during a timeout, television timeout, or similar downtime.

They may in fact be brother and sister, friends, or not know each other at all.

A platonic, perhaps awkward kiss often then results.

The Canadian group, the Arkells released a song titled "Kiss Cam" in July 2011.

The Great Khali once hosted a weekly segment in his wrestling appearances called 'Khali Kiss Cam', in which he would kiss a female supposed audience member.

On The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, O'Brien parodied the Kiss Cam in comedy sketches, focusing on unlikely couples, such as a hunter and a bear.As each pair appear onscreen, they are then expected to kiss.Additionally, sporting event staff may appear as couples who reject kisses or proposals in order to entertain or surprise the attending audience.The couple focused on may not wish their attendance together at the event to be widely publicized.Some couples, although not wishing to kiss, feel intimidated by the crowd reaction, and feel forced to do so.

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He was preceded in this by the late wrestler Rick Rude, who would kiss a woman selected from the crowd after his victories.

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