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Through the opinion in Cummings we see the justification for the bill of attainder prohibition it is a means to protect individual liberty and private property (or interest in private property, namely future wages).

Under the Constitution then, the sins of the father are not to be borne by the son. The Bill of Attainder Clause was not intended as a narrow, technical and soon to be outmoded prohibition, but rather as an implementation of the doctrine of separation of powers, a safeguard against legislative exercise of the judicial function as to prevent trial by legislature. In fact the bill of attainder prohibition is rightfully invoked to challenge laws condemning status (biology) and political or religious association. Though they did not speak on the topic precisely, in Scales v.In a natural law sense, the decree of attaint is abhorrent for when a person was attainted, through legal condemnation, the attaint corrupted in his blood.Subsequently the attainted ones land and other property were forfeited to the Crown.The Need to Address the Bill of Attainder in the Constitution Why would those men who designed and crafted what they envisioned as the best system of government possible, a republican government, see a need to prohibit bills of attainder, and why did Madison and Hamilton include the prohibition it in the original text of the Constitution?The answer lay in what they saw everyday and knew from British history even well-intentioned and well-structured government can go wrong.

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where the legislative power is exercised by an assembly ...