San diego dating feb 10

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San diego dating feb 10

At first they had an easy time of it capturing the major ports including San Diego, but the Californios in southern Alta California struck back.Following the successful revolt in Los Angeles, the American garrison at San Diego was driven out without firing a shot in early October 1846.

The long-running saga over what to do with the site of the former Escondido Country Club is coming to an end after the City Council on Wednesday voted on a proposed plan to build nearly 400 homes on the shuttered property.Skirmishes occurred daily and snipers shot into the town every night.The Californios drove cattle away from the pueblo hoping to starve the Americans and their Californio supporters out. Stockton sent a mounted force of fifty under Captain Archibald Gillespie to march north to meet him.Mexican partisans held San Diego for three weeks until October 24, 1846, when the Americans recaptured it.For the next several months the Americans were blockaded inside the pueblo.

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In 1821, Mexico won its independence from Spain, and San Diego became part of the Mexican territory of Alta California.