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Online sex dating in rio illinois

It seemed he was desperate for me to A) ask who this mystery girl was; B) say nasty things about her in return.I got the sense that he was trying to instigate some sort of catfight to feed his ego, and I wasn’t going to play into it, so I changed the subject.

Users can find others based on their “match percentage” — how often and how strongly their answers match up with those of others. Hookup avoids complicated procedures in favor of open and straightforward access.

Members can view profiles and send messages to people who interest them.

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After chatting for a couple of weeks, we decided to meet up at a bar.

Everything was going really well, until he got a few drinks in him and he began telling me obviously fake or exaggerated stories about how wealthy and successful he is, which was a huge turnoff.

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When he attempted to get out of my car, he fell over into the snow.

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