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Online dating truck driving simulator

Lox Sim is held by Loxley Orbit Company Limited, which is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Loxley Plc.The driving simulation centre is located on 130 square metres of Loxley’s Bangkaen office.

We have licensed the game to Meridian 4; the game is currently being prepared for retail launch as well as for appearance in additional digital distribution channels.

August 6, 2008 The game has immediately placed inside Top 10 Best-Selling Games at

We would like to say big Thank You to our dedicated fans for this success!

June 12, 2009 We have just released a new patch for the game, updating it to version 1.3.

While version 1.2 was a sizable content update with new destinations and roads in the UK, version 1.3 is only a bug fix maintenance release.

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We hope sincerely that it will make lots of Macintosh owners happy. We will have a booth there with the games running on big screen, with steering wheel and Track IR setup.

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