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Over the years, she’s been linked to everyone from Seal and Will Smith to Drake and Rob Evans, and though she was in a long-term relationship with investment banker, John Utendah, she has yet to tie the knot with any of these suitors.

Pacino was with girlfriend Jan Tarrant from 1988 to 1989 (enough for most celebrity couples to decide to get married), and with Beverly D’ Angelo from 1996 to 2003, and has three children between those two partners. Surprise, surprise; one of Hollywood’s most notorious playboys has never full committed to a woman.

Though the 38-year-old actor has been coupled up with many a blonde model, none have made him want to jump the broom thus far.

Thomas in the Virgin Islands on August 24, 1978, Karrine Steffans was a naive ing'nues who, as a tender teenager, made her way to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune. Initially, when we were together, we promised each other to be together for the rest of our lives. We're more suited for each other in this type of relationship than being romantically involved. This book isn't about people; it's about the last two years of my life. I've realized that you don't have to go around fixing all the wrongs in your life.

I want to make you a meal when I want to make you a meal.

I don’t want it to be my responsibility to make you a meal.” In the 1970s former U. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice planned to become Mrs.

Rick Upchirch, but she reportedly broke things off with the football player because “She knew the relationship wasn’t going to work.” Since then it appears she’s been rolling solo.

“The Price is Right” host Drew Carey has been engaged before.

There may have been rumors that “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts was going to tie the knot wither longtime girlfriend in the summer of 2013, but thus far that story hasn’t proven true.

Unfortunately, the best that she could do was to parlay her looks into working for scale as a scantily-clad dancer in gangsta rap videos. I don't think we understood then in what capacity that would be. 'Drink Fuck Sleep' is a collection of essays depicting regrettable sexual experiences wherein alcohol was involved either before, during, or after.

As a result, her bootylicious bod came to upstage a bevy of other beauties appearing in such video as Mystikal's Danger where she went topless except for wearing a pair of sheer, star-shaped pasties over her cannonball implants. This book seems, more than anything, to be a love note to Bill Maher, who you call the love of your life. With gripping, personal accounts of tragic, heart-wrenching, sexually boundless, ultra-erotic, emotionally numbing, mind thrilling, and scintillating experiences, the featured writers narrow the divide between what people project and what they protect. Being at home with family is such a beautiful thing because that's the only place where you're actually safe. [Giggles] KW: Are you burdened by people reacting to you as if you're still the model they see dancing in the videos? I'm not burdened by much of anything at this point.

KW: I don't remember seeing Darius being mentioned in either of your books.

"The thing that stood about her was that she gave incredible head," he told

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This notoriety came at a cost, however, as she was expected, in turn, to provide oral favors not only for hip-hop stars but for members of their entourages and assorted hangers-on. KW: Didn't the book say you made another suicide attempt? KS: That was just a chapter on self-mutilating and cutting. It serves as a series of precautionary tales, as well as proof of life and the parallels of the human condition, regardless of our socioeconomic stations. I love to write books and tell stories, but I wish I was famous enough to cancel all my interviews and still sell books. When you step out of your home, you encounter all these different energies. After a while, you just realize some people are stupid.

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