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Their many different answers each contain a story, because they are storytellers. But one day when I came home for lunch, she had gone out, and I was forced, for the very first time, to write my composition myself.In Iran, it is customary for teachers to select the subject of composition assignments based on the season of the year.Before that afternoon, whenever the teacher made me read my compositions in front of the class, I had mostly received a B or B-minus.But on this day, I was sure I would earn an A-plus.As the couple's love grows, the self-censoring writer strikes out whole passages in anticipation of his censor's objections.All the while, the writer converses with his censor, his characters, the reader and himself to create an intriguing postmodern, multifaceted romance steeped in Iranian culture.In the Islamic account of Adam and Eve, the two are driven from heaven to earth after eating not an apple but grains of wheat.

Now, on the threshold of fifty, tired of writing dark and bitter stories, he has come to realize that the “world around us has enough death and destruction and sorrow.” He sets out instead to write a bewitching love story, one set in present-day Iran. Beautiful black-haired Sara and fiercely proud Dara fall in love in the dusty stacks of the library, where they pass secret messages to each other encoded in the pages of their favorite books.

If I have succeeded, or will succeed, it will be because perhaps there are some who may benefit from the crop.

Each grain of wheat is a word and each word a grain toward a story.

I wrote of a shepherd sitting in the shade of a tree and playing his flute while his sheep bleat and graze nearby.

In this vein, I wrote and wrote until suddenly I realized I needed to hurry back to school.

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—Shahriar Mandanipour (Translated from the Farsi by Sara Khalili) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.