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Click Here to see a demonstration of Renee's first clear water cleansing enema.After expelling the first enema, the nurse prepares a second enema consisting of 2000 cc's of warm water.free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.

Click Here to see a demonstration of a soapsuds enema being administered to Renee The nurse has filled the first enema bag with approximately 2000 cc's of warm water.

Our patient, Renee, is being taken from her hospital room to a special room in the hospital where she will receive her enemas.

After explaining the procedure to her, the nurse asks Renee if she has had a bowel movement that morning.

I was given the standard Go Lytely prep a couple days before the test, and it was awful.

The day of the barium test, they did scout x-rays and said my prep wasn't complete.

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Circa 1950 and a young woman has been admitted to the hospital by her physician for abdominal pain.