Dating very attractive men

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But, as un-shallow as I have congratulated myself for being on many occasions, I will admit that there have been times when someone’s looks overwhelmed any need for a deeper compatibility.

Case in point: A couple years ago, I dated a writer whose work I really admired—he was kind and intelligent, we got along wonderfully, and the sex was good, too.

A female friend once told me, “It’s always best to date attractive men, but not attractive that everyone’s constantly trying to jump on their dick, because that’s just stressful.” The sentiment actually made a lot of sense to me.

While some people clearly feel proud to have a hottie on their arm, others are more comfortable having the upper hand in the beauty department.

If you’ve ever had someone look at you during sex with this completely euphoric expression, like, “I ,” you understand that “dating down” in terms of attractiveness can be a confidence boost in its own right.

And while I’m drawn to extremely beautiful people, I more often want to just stare at them or hang an oil painting of them on my wall rather than lie on top of them nude.

Is it because, with age, we care more about a relationship’s potential longevity, rather than just instant sexual gratification?

I’m sure you have come across a drop dead gorgeous woman who made you wish you could have her, you even took out the courage to approach her but mid way you realized your wallet is not very thick and you don’t exactly look like Brad Pitt. Attractive women are so used to being told that they are gorgeous and that they can have any man they point there finger at (which is true!

Your confidence completely undermined because of your belief that she might have so many good looking rich guys all around her, why would she want to date you? ), that if they come across someone who sees them differently, it makes them want to pay attention. Seem indifferent: Talk to her like you would any other person. Dating extremely attractive women requires you to almost seem uninterested. Your behavior will keep her intrigued and guessing.

However, he was bald and a little shorter than me, and ultimately just not that hot.

It never bothered me when we were alone, but as things got more serious, I began to feel nervous about introducing him to my friends.

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“When you have so many people throwing themselves at you, you’re spoiled for choice, so there’s less incentive to be faithful.

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