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Malika and Khadijah decide they want to get their career back on track and after meeting a photographer at the Playboy Mansion, they decide to do a nude photo shoot.

However, Khadijah is reluctant from the start and Malika does the fully nude shots alone after the sisters argue and Khadijah leaves the shoot.

Malika and Khadijah celebrate their nude photo shoot with an official press launch but they still have not spoken since Khadijah ditched Malika.

I was recording the episodes and did watch the first season because at first I kept thinking that it might get better and the writers would stop the madness but season 2 is even worse!!!

When Lexi tells Khloé she feels that Durrani and Nazy have not been supportive of her, Khloé has words for Durrani telling her she expects more.

At the DASH dolls house, Nazy and Lexi clash over Lexi's comments to Khloé, and Nazy tells her if she has a problem to say it to her face.

With Stephanie's boyfriend not around, Durrani and Nazy decide to set her up on a blind date with Jordan, Durrani's friend.

However Stephanie tells them she is committed to Colin.

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[...] They needed somebody that they could trust," Malika Haqq discussed doing business with the Kardashians.

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