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It is now possible to distinguish cypriot and russian jets and armor because they all have a cup holder.It is especially useful to cypriot soldiers, since their tanks don't really take part in combat.In their attempt to protect local vinyard birds greenpeace is forced to fork out before the cypriots get their forks out.

The methods in which these messages of friendship are delivered include being beaten with tree branches, wooden planks and other assorted goods.

The current president of Cyprus is Demetris (Voukkoues) Christofias, who is a bolshevik and taught Lenin how to make frapee coffee.

Ever since the Russians have been sending us T-80 tanks at half the price.

Cyprus is the centre of international peace and harmony.

Apart from some minor political squabbles and ethnic pillow fights in prehistoric times, the iron age, classical times, hellenic times, the middle ages, 1800s, 1878, 1912-13, 1922, 1931 (oktovriana), 1940-1944, 1950s, 1960s, the 1963-1964 killings, 1970s, coup of 1973, invasion of 1974,1980s, November 1983, and 1990s, the island has remained peaceful and entirely in one piece since its establishment a long, long time ago.

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All male students have part time jobs at the Casino whilst the women shop their money at the upper class shops such as Primark and TK Maxx.