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Balazs redesigned his New York home so she could live with him. “I don’t talk about my private life, in the same way I’d never talk about anyone else’s private life.” For all the celebrity anecdotes, perhaps the real secret of Andre Balazs’ success is his ultimate discretion.

Balazs was married to Katie Ford, the former CEO of Ford Models, for 19 years and has two grown-up daughters.

“As long as things are consensual and you don’t disturb anyone else, everything’s okay,” Balazs says, genially. Staff at the Chiltern Firehouse are used to catering to every whim. ” When another customer arrives with a small fluffy dog, Balazs insists it should eat steak tartare and a uniformed man appears bearing an ornate golden bowl, which he places with a flourish on the carpet.The employee who took it was sacked within three hours of the film being made public.Otherwise, he is fairly relaxed about the excessive habits of the rich and famous.

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