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Celestial dating in a telestial world

In such cases, Church leaders have counseled people to go to the temple as soon as possible. Smith taught: We say to our young people, get married, and marry aright. That was before the railroad went south of Utah County, and we had to travel the rest of the way by team.

Marry in the faith, and let the ceremony be performed in the place God has appointed. If, however, obstacles, not at present removable, prevent this most perfect form of marriage, have your bishop perform the ceremony, and then, at the earliest possible moment, go to the temple." (Gospel Doctrine, p.275) However, Latter-day Saints are encouraged to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to marry in the temple. Grant tells the following story about his sacrifices to marry in the temple: "I shall always be grateful, to the day of my death, that I did not listen to some of my friends when, as a young man not quite twenty-one years of age, I took the trouble to travel all the way from Utah County to St. It was a long and difficult trip in those times, over unimproved and uncertain roads, and the journey each way required several days.

If they are content with that kind of marriage outside, when they come forth in the resurrection, they have no claim upon each other, or their children upon them, and there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Those who are married in the temple for all time and eternity obtain the blessing of eternal lives. Eternal life is God's life, that is, to be like him.

They urged the young people to start their lives together in the right way by being married right, in the temples of the Lord.

Fifth, that a marriage thus commenced is as eternal as love, the divinest attribute of the human soul.

Sixth, that the family unit will remain unbroken throughout eternity.

Occasionally, people may not have a realistic opportunity to choose a temple marriage over a civil ceremony (e.g., Latter-day Saints who live in countries without a temple and are forbidden by law to leave their country, even for a religious journey so they can be sealed).

The Church is doing everything possible to build new temples throughout the world to give everyone access to their sacred ordinances. Hinckley) Until this happens, some people may be forced by circumstance to accept a civil ceremony.

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Death separates--that is an eternal separation, unless in the meantime they repent and are fortunate enough to go to the temple and make amends. Eternal deaths means that they are separately and singly forever. Now, if our young people choose that sort of life, if that's what they want, I leave it for them. But they should weep, not rejoice; they should be sorry, not pleased, for they are assisting--if they have never taught their children better--they are assisting in sending those children to the deaths eternally. This is the condition we find in every stake of Zion. Well, it may be a little with all of us, with the teachers who visit the home, with those who talk to the members of the Church in sacrament meetings, the bishops of wards, all who hold the priesthood; but primarily it rests upon the shoulders of the parents for not teaching those children from their infancy beginning to instruct them as soon as they can understand, what the kingdom of God means, what exaltation in it means, and how it can be obtained. My children have married good companions--all of them active in the Church, all of them happy in their membership.