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The CAMS data reduction automation will make it possible to expand and create new low-light video camera networks to facilitate a continuous global monitoring of night-time meteor shower activity. Visual observations suggested a hint of activity later in the night.[More here] 2017, August 13 - Carl Johannink and Martin Breukers of CAMS Be Ne Lux report that some 1070 meteors were captured during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, with the results from some cameras still expected to come in after the observers have returned from vacation. Peter Jenniskens, Mike Koop and Marcelo de Cicco observed the moon for possible impacts from California.

2017, October 14 - A nice return of the October Ursae Marjorids (shower 333) was observed by the UANC, LOCAMS and California networks October 14-16. 2017, October 6 - A predicted outburst of October Camelopardalids was detected by the CAMS Be Ne Lux network.Gural will use this to improve future versions of the Confirmation and Coincidence programs.Further improvements are expected now Jim Albers, Dave Samuels, Steve Rau and Peter Jenniskens are upgrading the hardware and software environment at the existing CAMS networks.Meteorite falls: White Mountains (2016-06-02) Creston fall (2015-10-24) Chelyabinsk fall (2013-02-15) Novato fall (2012-10-17) Sutter's Mill fall (2012-04-22) Report possible meteorite finds in the CAMS networks: Petrus. Gural, Meteor detection algoritms; POC CAMS Mid-Atlantic [email] Dave Samuels, Network operations [email] Steve Rau, Network installation/upgrades [email] Jim Albers, CAMS station Sunnyvale Rick Morales, CAMS Fremont Peak Bryant Grigsby, CAMS Lick Observatory Andy Howell, Coordination of CAMS Florida Nick Moskovitz, Coordination of LO-CAMS Carl Johannink, Coordination CAMS Be Ne Lux Prof. Peter Jenniskens, SETI Institute, Principal Investigator [email]; [Career pages] Peter S.


2017, October 3 - Paul Roggemans reports that the CAMS Be Ne Lux network has grown to 88 operational cameras.