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The decision arose from the bankruptcies of two major firms.In 2008, the partners of the law firm Thelen LLP voted to dissolve the firm, which was insolvent.When a partner leaves a law firm that is dissolving or bankrupt, special issues arise, as the following cases and situations illustrate.Knowing that their firm is on the rocks, partners may leave and take with them the firm’s most profitable clients.The partnership agreement included an “unfinished business waiver” that read: [n]either the Partners nor the Partnership shall have any claim or entitlement to clients, cases or matters ongoing at the time of the dissolution of the Partnership other than the entitlement for collection of amounts due for work performed by the Partners and other Partnership personnel prior to their departure from the Partnership.

The trustee sought profits associated with the hourly fee work the partners performed on Howrey’s “unfinished business” after they left the old firm – about million in billings.The fact that the client substitutes one of the former partners as attorney of record in place of the former partnership does not affect this result.In 2014, the New York Court of Appeals found that the estates of bankrupt law firms are not entitled to claim hourly fees for unfinished client matters earned by partners who move on to new firms.The absence of a written partnership agreement was an invitation to litigation upon a dissolution of the partnership.After dissolution, the new firms represented clients under fee agreements into between the clients and the old firm.

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When they voted for the dissolution, the partners approved a “Jewel waiver,” as discussed above.

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